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Getting Your Family Into Fitness

While getting and maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for you, your family may value your workouts more. The reason is that your family has to follow your example, for better or for worse. Your entire family is impacted by how you handle your personal health and nutrition.

Your “personal ripple effect” may be one of the most important things that affects the mental and physical health of your family. Think about the following:

We come from the environment. We are drawn to things that we are exposed to frequently. It just takes a little repetition. Something becomes more deeply embedded in our minds the more we see, hear, use, or consume it. In fact, social scientists say that being in the same environment over and over again can change your biochemistry and may have an effect on how your genes are expressed.

The ability to persuade is powerful. Repeated suggestions have an almost unstoppable force. Therefore, if you choose poor nutrition and fitness habits at any age, it’s likely that your family will soon adopt the same practices.

“When Junior sees Dad parked in front of the tube and eating a bag of chips, it’s hard not to follow in his footsteps. Additionally, chunky parents frequently result in chunky children.

The proof is convincing. Your family is rapidly imitating your lead, your mannerisms, and your habits. Making it a blessing rather than a curse is the key.

Starting is never too early or late. At the research facility,

My team and I observe the effects that regularly exposing individuals to a healthy lifestyle has on them. People accept exercise as a natural, enjoyable part of their lives as they get older.

Everyone in your family (your children, your spouse, your siblings, your parents, and even your friends) has the potential to benefit from your efforts to improve their physical and mental well-being. They will continue to benefit from the fitness habits you help them develop in all facets of their lives. The gift of health is the best gift you can give someone, in my opinion.

But here is the trick:

You must always set a good example. People will naturally gravitate toward you and take inspiration from your example if you continue to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a trim, lean frame.

Some “hard-headed” people might take a little longer, but they’ll catch on once they realize how much more fun you’re having with your new physique than they could ever expect to experience without accelerating the process and following your lead.

What is your process, then? It involves daily practice and a number of small actions that result in great health habits. Every time you choose vegetables over chips, a walk over a drive, and an active game over TV, you’ve just contributed more money to the lifetime health and fitness fund for your family and yourself.

It’s your individual ripple effect at work.