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How To Increase Your Brain Power and Mental ability To The Maximum

It is necessary to increase your Brain Power and Mental ability to keep your mind active and to be able to perform at your best and improve your performance. So, more is needed to have good concentration and memory.

Today I want to talk to you more about the importance of maintaining excellent mental health and how this is decisive for our body and the optimal performance of our activities.

That is why I want to continue providing you with material that helps you boost your brain functions. Here are some techniques to increase your mental agility to the maximum:

Play Brain Teaser Games

The famous word searches, crosswords, or the well-known sudoku puzzle are excellent tools for developing mental agility. Years ago, these games were inserted in magazines and newspapers, but over time, their use has increased in table games that will allow you to practice, either alone or in the company.


Reading not only strengthens your ability to concentrate but also sparks your creativity.

It is recommended that you read about topics different from those of your profession or work since this will allow you to learn new things. The idea is that you relax your mind and read about new topics: a story, self-help books, or any other matter that is interesting to you.

Choose to read about topics that complement your life or about topics you can enjoy to the fullest. I insist: Read!

Use Your Opposite Side

Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, learn to use your non-dominant hand.

This exercise helps awaken the part of the brain we do not use and consequently improves our mental agility.

To achieve this, you can practice daily things like brushing your teeth with your opposite side and even writing or eating with your non-dominant hand.

This is quite a challenging exercise to master, but with practice, you build the habit, and, as I said, you wake up that part of the brain that was on pause.

Study Another Language

When you learn another language and practice it, you are helping to stimulate the brain, as it requires many connections and strengthens your mental agility.

Practicing another language gives you professional development and increased mental agility. Writing and speaking a language other than the native one stimulates the brain and improves its agility. 

Learn New Words

It is proven that using the dictionary to learn new words benefits our brain by increasing the capacity for concentration, analysis, and learning.

You can try this simple exercise: try to learn at least five new words a day.

Seeing how you increase your vocabulary while enriching your knowledge is fantastic. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlearning new words is also to use them while interacting with other people. These exercises help you maximize your mental alertness. Check it!

Do math calculations

Avoid using the calculator to perform simple math operations.

Look at the example of our grandparents, who were experts in numbers: we can still see seniors doing their accounts manually, and we can see that this exercise keeps their minds working.

Performing mathematical calculations improves both your concentration and your mental agility. With technology, many people have put aside pencils and paper and performed all mathematical operations on their calculators.

However, if you want to enhance your mental agility, put your brain to work when doing calculations. This will be of great benefit to your mental health. 

To the rhythm of the dance

Dancing is an excellent exercise for developing mental alertness. In addition to socializing and exercising, dancing will help you increase your mental agility because you must connect your mind and body with the music’s rhythm. What are you waiting to practice dancing?

Wake up your brain, and activate yourself daily. Try to combine these exercises daily and keep your mind healthy.

How can you meet your goals if your mind is tired and needs more agility? How can you have a healthy and productive social life without developing your mental potential?

The brain is one of the essential organs in the body. Degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s are the product of not exercising our brains, so it is vital to develop mental agility that allows us to make the most of our activities. Only in this way will we achieve the goals that we set for ourselves every day.