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Keep Fit For Life At Any Age

Scientists now understand that, regardless of age, staying inactive is typically more hazardous. And to get more physically active, you don’t need to purchase special attire or join a gym.

Most people don’t engage in adequate exercise. Here are some arguments in favor of it:

* Exercise can make people feel better and increase their enjoyment of life.

* Regular exercise can help prevent or delay the onset of certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It can help with depression, but it can also directly make you feel better.

* As people age, being active can help them maintain their independence and ability to continue performing daily tasks like getting dressed or moving about.

To get the right mix of physical activities, you must engage in activities from four different categories.

1. Get at least 30 minutes of breathing-demanding exercise most or every day of the week. You don’t have to be active for 30 minutes straight; that is referred to as “endurance activity” because it increases your energy or “staying power.” A ten-minute bout of endurance exercise is acceptable. Just make sure that most days, those 10-minute sessions total 30 minutes.

How challenging should your workout be? According to this definition, you are not working hard enough if you can chat while exercising without any difficulty. It’s too difficult if you are unable to speak at all.

2. Continue to use your muscles. At any age, muscles begin to deteriorate when not used. How crucial is having “enough” muscle? Very! Muscles speed up your metabolism, which lets you burn more calories while your body is at rest during the day. Making use of your muscles may also strengthen your bones.

3. Make efforts to improve your equilibrium. You should occasionally walk heel to toe. When you walk in this manner, the toes of the back foot should almost touch the heel of the front foot.

4. Stretch. You can maintain your flexibility and move more easily by stretching. After your muscles have warmed up, stretch. Never stretch beyond what is comfortable.

So incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Find activities you like. Take quick strolls. Use a bicycle. Dance. Work on projects around the house and yard, tend to your garden, climb stairs, or rake leaves. You can stay active and move around the house by performing routine daily tasks.