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LISS Cardio

LISS Cardio

65 mins

It’s cardio time – let’s get it!

Choose ONE option from the list below for the entire workout duration (65 minutes)

Your first 10 minutes is considered a warm-up and your last 5 minutes are considered a cool-down.

Work at a consistent steady pace at 50-60% of your maximum perceived effort. If you’re getting out of breath, you’re working too hard for LISS!

Slow down and ensure you could hold a casual conversation the entire time.


A1 Stead State Walk

A2 Stead State Incline Walk

A3 Stead State Elliptical

A4 Stead State Bike

A5 Stead State Stepper

A6 Stead State Rower

A7 Outdoor Stead State Walk