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Making Exercise Part of your Daily Routine

Follow these easy steps to permanently transform your mindset toward being active and fit.

Take It Easy

Don’t hurry into signing up for a half marathon if you haven’t been exercising much lately. Start brisk walking, gradually extending your distance and speed each day, and then progress to jogging and running. You don’t want to become demotivated or hurt yourself. Building up one’s fitness level takes time.

Maintain it interesting

You will likely grow bored if you perform the same activity consistently over time. To work different muscles, try a variety of activities and commit to at least two of them. Make sure your workouts are varied to prevent boredom.

Enhance your diet

You may wish to alter your diet if you are concerned about food calories and how long it takes to burn them off through activity. You’ll feel energized and prepared to work out after making dietary improvements. Knowing you put in the effort to get pleasure will make it taste even better when you do!

Participate the Family

Change your way of life for the family as a whole, not just for yourself. You are more likely to persevere if your partner or kids are on board. Decide to go for a morning walk with your partner, or tell the kids you’ll frequently take them to the park so they can ride bikes, play catch, or go for a run around the oval. The added benefit is that your children will be learning positive habits they can carry over into adulthood while being away from their electronics.

Find a Partner Who Can Be Accountable

Find a friend to exercise with if you aren’t willing to do it with family. According to studies, having a friend ready to go on a walk with you or meet you at the gym makes you more likely to exercise. When you aren’t disappointing anyone but yourself, it can be too easy to skip your workout. If you exercise with a partner, you are less likely to end a session early.

Try a group workout program if you want the inspiration to exert a little more effort. A trainer will motivate you to go a little bit faster and harder, and you will have other people to pace yourself against. Also, if you have paid for lessons, you may not be so quick to stop.

Include exercise in your daily routine.

Try not to squeeze in exercise when you have free time because you probably won’t. Looking at your schedule, you decide that it’s important to stay in shape, so you’ll put exercise time first on your calendar. If a 30-minute block is out of the question, split the time up into two 15-minute sessions at various points during the day.

Exercise both your body and your intellect.

Regular exercise has advantages beyond those for our physical health. The brain releases the feel-good hormone endorphins when we exercise, which elevates our mood. Our view on life can also be improved by exercising outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air. Interacting with loved ones, friends, or exercise partners makes us feel supported and a part of the community.

Don’t give up if you have a difficult week because you weren’t able to exercise as frequently as you would have liked. Put last week behind you and resolve to improve on it this week.

We all know that we should exercise for 30 minutes five times a week for good general health, but most Australian adults don’t meet this recommendation. For a longer, happier life, resolve to give up your sedentary habits and incorporate exercise into your daily schedule.