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Mental Depression

Everyone experiences it at least once in their lifetime, and the majority do so more frequently—perhaps on average, at least twice a year. What am I referring to? depression, of course. Unfortunately, the majority of the world believes that women are the ones who experience depression the most, even though men are just as likely to experience depression as women are. This could, of course, be caused by a variety of factors, from constant mood swings and outright irritability to depressive days when it’s “that time of the month,” when I binge on chocolate. On those days, all you want to do is curl up somewhere and ruminate.

However, it is also true that a sizable portion of those who experience depression aren’t just women; they also include healthy men and those with other illnesses. These conditions may be life-threatening or even life-robbing, or they may be a constant in a person’s life such that the stress of enduring them every day has an effect and leads to mental depression.

Aside from physical illness, there are numerous other potential causes of mental depression. Your way of life may be one of them. So, if you lead either an extreme or middle-of-the-road lifestyle, you have a good chance of developing mental depression. If you’re struggling to make ends meet and are poor, stress can harm you and leave you feeling hopeless and depressed. The same is true for rich people. You might not constantly worry about not being able to pay your bills or not knowing where your next meal is coming from, but stress will still have a big effect on your life.

But stress can be a leading factor. Stress isn’t the only thing that can cause mental depression. And even though you might not even be aware of it, stress comes in a variety of forms, and the majority of the time, they can all cause you to experience mental depression in one way or another. An illustration would be peer pressure, as well as pressure from the workplace and the home. Let’s not overlook the pressures we experience when we set a goal for ourselves and fall short of it. This kind of pressure can occasionally be the worst of all, and it can cause you to completely collapse or fall into the abyss of mental depression.

But depression is a common response, and most people go through it without getting the more serious forms of mental depression. This is the point where a depressed person finds it difficult to recover. If there was sunshine all the time, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate what we have. Everybody needs a little rain in their lives now and then to remind them how valuable sunshine is.