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Organizing Goals

So you set your goals and now you need to implement them. To do this we need to organize a way of cross-checking those goals to make sure you are on track.

Firstly have an outline. In other words, allow room for maneuver. I like to set goals just as a plane prepares for take-off. You know when you are sitting in your seat and you hear the pilot say prepare for take-off, then he tells the Air Stewarts to cross-check.

The pilot inputs the destination coordinates into the computer. Once this plane is in the air, it is constantly been pushed off course but the computers are continually correcting the plane’s course so as to get to the final destination.

Have an outline. Allow for deviations. Do not be too rigid. Keep your destination in mind. Do this by writing it down, allowing for events pushing you off course, then correcting it based on the information you have been given.

So what I do, is set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals, yearly goals than three and five-year goals. Each set of goals cross-check the others.

The daily goals work towards the weekly goals, the weekly goals work towards the monthly goals, the monthly goals work towards the quarterly goals; I think you see what I mean.

So I just focus on the daily goals, on Monday’s I review the previous week and then adjust for next week’s goals and adjust accordingly for the daily goals and this goes on and on. The final destination is always in mind. This is written down.

Life is not fixed; things will happen from week to week knocking you off course, however, because you are re-adjusting you will get to your final destination. Each time you are knocked of course you are given information that helps you to re-evaluate your situation. This information supplies you with the ingredients for success.