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Pilates for Weight Loss

Keeping in mind that losing 1 pound of body fat requires burning 3500 more calories than you consume, Pilates can help you reach your weight loss goals. Most people eventually succeed in doing that by consuming fewer calories while boosting their calorie expenditure during exercise.


As a sort of moderate strength training, Pilates unquestionably plays a significant role in a weight loss program and will assist you in burning calories.


There are many different methods to do Pilates, either without apparatus or with equipment like the traditional Pilates reformer, and specific motions will increase your calorie burn. For more calorie-burning Pilates exercises, think about:


Swimming: You’ll work your arms, legs, and core with this no-equipment exercise. Laying on your stomach, with your arms outstretched and your body in a straight line, is a good place to start. Lift your arms and knees off the ground gradually, then start to flutter kick your legs and move your arms together.


Plank jacks: By adding jacks, the traditional full-body exercise move gets an improvement. Wrists should be placed under the shoulders when you start in a plank position. Jump your feet out as if you were doing a jumping jack while maintaining your palms on the ground. Finish the exercise by getting back into the plank position.


The Hundred: Start by lying on the ground with your arms by your sides and your legs outstretched. Either stretch your legs into the traditional tabletop posture or at a 45-degree angle. Curl your head, neck, and shoulder blades off the mat by floating your arms off it and reaching your fingertips forward. As you breathe in for five pumps and out for five pumps, pump your arms up and down at your sides. Hold the posture for a total of 100 pumps, or about 10 breaths.


Although Pilates can be an effective weight loss workout, its advantages go far beyond calorie burning. Pilates is not a cardio activity that is done solely for an aerobic and calorie-burning benefit, like jogging or elliptical training. Instead, Pilates is the best exercise for extending, strengthening, and aligning the spine to enhance posture. Pilates might be a fantastic option for you if you’re searching for an exercise that will perhaps aid in weight loss, promote flexibility, and prevent injuries.