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Positive Affirmation Examples

For adults:

  • At all times, I will follow my intuition and listen to my inner voice. 
  • I see the good in everyone.
  • What I admire most about myself is my ability to (fill in the blank). 
  • In my life and work, I conduct myself genuinely. 
  • I am a generous and kind person.
  • I am professional and thrive at what I do. 
  • I am free to be myself without fear of judgement.
  • Through self-belief, courage and hard work, I can achieve anything that I set my heart and mind to
  • I’m content with who I am, and I love who I am becoming
  • Through my contributions, I make positive changes to the world
  • My body is amazing just the way it is, and I accept myself entirely

For young adults:

  • I am unique and beautiful
  • Others respect me for following my own beliefs
  • If a few people don’t accept me, I’m fine with that – you can’t please everyone
  • I know I am kind and good to the person I see in the mirror
  • I deserve to see myself as amazing
  • Whatever difficulties come my way, I have the power to overcome them
  • I was born strong, and I grow stronger every day
  • Today, I am going to trust myself and my instincts
  • I am good enough, and I am happy with just being me

For children:

  • I am loved
  • I am creative
  • I am kind
  • I am brave
  • I am a responsible person
  • I will always do my best
  • I am unique
  • When I set out to do something, I am capable of doing it
  • I will always help others
  • I am going to learn so much today because I am capable
  • I am important and a valuable person