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Self-motivation: The Desire To Succeed

The time is 6 a.m. The alarm clock goes off, and you think to yourself, “Why should I get up so early for work?” Some of us want to get out of bed just so we can turn off the clock that is shaking on the nightstand. But for others, it’s their drive. It’s like an internal alarm clock that gets a person ready to make the most of the day.

Everyone wants to do well in the world, that much is clear. Everyone wants to have a reason for living, be at the top of the corporate ladder, or be the best at what they do. But why do some people do these things and succeed while others don’t? Self-motivation is the answer.

Self-motivation comes from several different things. Among them are:

-Want to succeed
-Mental stability
-Life goals
-Everyday tasks
-Everyday pleasures

All of these things have a direct effect on success in your job, in school, in sports, in a marriage, and as a parent. Whether you want to get the top job at your company or graduate with a 4.0 GPA, you need to be self-motivated to get there. A soccer player needs to be self-motivated to score the winning goal, just like a parent needs to be self-motivated to be a good example for their child.

Stability of mind goes hand in hand with wanting to do well. Everyone has bad days from time to time, but what makes a person keep going on a bad day? Stability of mind is the answer. The mind is a very powerful thing. When you want to do something, you will do your best to make it happen. So, your willpower is put to the test. You can succeed in the end if you can keep yourself going and keep your mind on what’s important instead of giving up and “throwing in the towel.” Self-motivation gives you strong willpower, a steady mind, and the drive to do well.

The family unit is another thing that motivates people to do things on their own. Family can give a person the drive to be successful on their own. A person, especially a working spouse, will want the pride and approval of their family. The working spouse keeps himself or herself going by worrying about how the family will pay for things. Most likely, the person who works will want to make a lot of money so that they can take care of their family. Children often look up to their parents and try to do everything they do. Self-motivation is an important family trait that gets passed down from one generation to the next.

Lastly, self-motivation is driven by daily goals and basic daily routines, like losing weight or learning how to play a sport. People can self-motivate themselves to get up in the morning by waking up to simple pleasures like seeing the sunshine, hearing birds sing, or even hearing it rain.