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Six Excellent Ways to Boost Your Home-Based Work Routine

In August 2021, the ABS revealed statistics showing that more than 40% of employees typically work from home, up from 30% before the epidemic. Working from home is more suited for office-based computer users than it is for physically demanding or outdoor-based jobs. Most people who work from home like the cost savings and added flexibility it provides, but not everyone finds it simple to be productive. Having a schedule might be beneficial whether you work from home full-time or just occasionally. Check out these six fantastic suggestions to try if you’ve already found a routine but are seeking ways to make it better.

#1 Give Yourself Time in the Morning

Many employees are tempted to substitute their daily commute for a few extra snoozes. It may be great to have a longer lie-in, but it is not recommended to go directly from bed to desk. Try to wake up early enough to give yourself time to take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and prepare your mind for the day’s job.

#2 Have Set Hours and Times

You may be able to work flexible hours, but you must establish limits. While leaving the house to run errands during the workday may be convenient, it’s wise to schedule your start, end, and break times. It’s simple to drift off into non-productive activities during the day, but you end up needing to stay up late to finish everything. On the other hand, some people can discover that without the typical office structure, they work through their lunch break and into the evening. To avoid burned out, it’s crucial to stick to your regular schedule of wake-up and bedtimes and to turn off your computer at the end of the day.

#3 Replace the Incidental Exercise

If you use public transportation to get to work, you probably get unintentional exercise throughout the day. Even though a daily 10-minute walk to and from the bus might not seem like much, if you only go a short distance to your home office, you are missing out on this activity. Try to recreate this when working from home by taking a stroll around the block twice daily or going for a bike ride after lunch. Exercise stimulates the brain and gets the blood flowing. Additionally, getting outside during the workday to relieve stress is important for your mental health.

#4 Build in Healthy Habits

Consider engaging in healthful pursuits throughout your daily commute. You may have spent the time driving home that evening preparing a few healthy lunches or evening dinners for the following few days. Start practicing mindfulness or meditation in the morning to get your body and mind ready for the demanding workday ahead.

#5 Be Organised

When employees work from home, they could discover that they are less organized. When someone works in an office, they are more likely to plan their meals and complete a grocery buy on the weekend so they don’t have to go during the week. Because they have more time when they work from home, they postpone making decisions and going shopping until the workday. They then experience pressure to complete their task to get to the store and back home in time to make the meal. Working from home allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance, but you must be proactive in figuring out how to balance the time you save by not commuting with the flexible hours that will work best for you.

#6 Stay in Touch with Colleagues

Although you might not realize it, working from home can be isolating. Make sure to use chat and video calls to stay in touch with your coworkers throughout the day. Plan sporadic lunch dates with colleagues so you can catch up. Do a brainstorming or training session during work hours so that you can learn from one another while also exchanging ideas and information. Strong, mutually beneficial working relationships will be easier to establish and maintain.