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The Health And Wealth Connection

Without first having a great deal of self-confidence, I don’t think anyone can truly be abundant in ANY area of their lives. The shape and health of a person’s body are largely determined by a set of universal laws that must be strictly adhered to each day. This makes one’s feelings about one’s physical being (or body) a major determinant of confidence.

I once heard that nearly 70% of all the energy a person uses throughout a single day (70%) is used simply to digest the foods they eat. This is just one example of one of those laws. Therefore, if it takes 100 grams of energy (excuse me for using such basic terminology here) to digest each meal you eat throughout the day, we can get your body to digest each meal using only 50 grams of energy by improving the efficiency of your metabolism, then you could have nearly twice as much energy for all of your regular daily activities.

So, if one of your main life goals is to earn more money, would having more physical energy help you accomplish the daily tasks required to increase your income streams? What about the extra mental effort you would need to expend on coming up with innovative solutions to all the problems that every entrepreneur in today’s world faces daily?

I never experienced success in my life until I began to take charge of my body. I can still remember feeling like I failed at everything. I specifically recall not wanting to leave the house even to go to the store to buy food because I hated the way I looked in all of my clothes. I remember not even wanting to leave the house to go outside because I didn’t like the way I looked.