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Whose Goals Are They?

Few people reach all of their goals. Like sports teams, businesses try to reach their goals (get points) to earn rewards. Are your goals just about getting things done? Why is it so hard to set goals that are reasonable and that you can reach every time? Ever think about what made you choose those goals? Goals can’t be set without thinking about where they came from and what’s going on around them.

This is the best way to set goals that are realistic. You won’t reach your goals if you only set them based on what you think is right. You have to agree that the organization’s goals are also your goals, but you don’t have to follow their plan. Make your own.

Think about what you want for yourself and your loved ones, and start there. Being productive will keep you in charge of your own life. You will be able to see past the politics of organizations, which can make it harder to reach and surpass goals that are not your own.

When asked by the press how many practice shots Larry Bird takes in a day, he said, “1,000 shots.” “How is that possible?” asked the reporter. Bird just said that some shots are taken with the body, but most are taken with the eyes (positive visualization). Visualizing successful shots when you’re at a stop sign (or seeing your goals come true) is a good way to keep yourself motivated to reach your goals.

It’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your life, but you can learn from what you’ve already done and what helped you get there to set goals that are in line with what you want. But make sure you can see all of your goals for the day, month, year, and life, and map them out separately so you can see how to hit your own shots. When you take ownership of your goals, they will naturally motivate you and give you the power to reach them.